What was the Mainstreaming Cancer Genetics Programme?

The MCG programme ran for 5 years between 2013-2018. Our aim was to make cancer gene testing part of routine cancer patient care, by integrating testing into the cancer patient pathway.

Genetic tests can provide information about the cause of a cancer and can aid decisions about the best treatments to use. Genetic testing can also help healthy relatives of cancer patients find out more about their cancer risks and gives them a window of opportunity to decrease their risk.

Watch the video to see how the MCG work is impacting patient lives.

The MCG developed a fast, accurate, affordable, cancer predisposition gene testing process, that is now being used across the world.

Our streamlined mainstream gene testing process lets cancer patients access testing at one of their routine cancer clinic appointments. It is faster, cheaper and more patient-centred than the previous system. It saves lives and money. Read more here.